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We provide a highly skilled multi legal service by meticulously attend to every detail of the cases.


We are widely recognized as being one of the leading corporate legal services consists of mergers and acquisitions, consolidations and corporate restructuring, incorporation of companies whether a domestic or foreign capital investment, building a branch and representative offices, until the legal needs to take care liquidation and bankruptcy.


As an Indonesian law firm, it is our main job to understand the regulation of foreign investment in Indonesia so we can help clients to obtain investment licenses and permits. Including all the preparation and negotiation of a joint venture agreement to ensure everything can run smoothly.

Civil and Commercial Litigation

As a full-service law office, we do broadly of representation in various civil and commercial litigations before Indonesian courts, enforcement of various court decisions including attachment of seizure and auction, and also in criminal proceedings at any stage (i.e. pre-investigation, investigation, and court hearing stage).

Bankruptcy Law

We provide bankruptcy law service with all the required professional advice covering the preparation and negotiation of debt relief, asset protection, loan restructuring, assisting in transactional filings for agreements and security documents along with managing the financial compliance.

Capital Markets

ASP has outstanding advice on capital market laws covering the debts and equity issuances, preparation document, negotiation agreement, legal opinions, and all the due diligence.

Energy, Plantation, and Resources

In the field of energy, plantation, and other natural resources law, ASP is specialized in handling the permits and licensing, acquisition of mining, oil and gas companies, the establishment of foreign investment in plantation companies, land clearing with an HGU title, and joint operations or other arrangements.


We provide the legal services for permits and licensing in acquisition, registration, and deregistration, bareboat lease, and charter of vessels in Indonesia.

Entertainment Industry

Giving counseling and advice services on applicable laws and regulations, including copyright and other IP laws. On top of that, we also preparing agreements such as negotiation of music option agreements, recording agreements, publishing agreements, artist management agreements, and etc.


In order to meet the needs of corporate employment laws and regulations, ASP helps in preparing and drafting employment contracts, collective labor agreements, and counseling services on labor law.

Dispute Resolution

We have substantial experience in advising on arbitration laws and the enforcement of arbitral awards. Our law office will represent through all the processes in enforcement as well as the nullification in local or foreign arbitration proceedings.

Real Estate

We offer a real estate counsel including acquisition, lease and sale of land or buildings, along with the contracts for development, construction, and management which in accordance with the regulatory compliance.


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We are here to provide quality legal services not only by knowing the law but also by understanding our clients’ objectives that are in line with relevant legal provisions.