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Lingyun Law Firm and JunZeJun Law Offices MOU Signing

On 20 September 2023, ASNP Law Offices has signed MOU for collaboration & cooperation with two prominent law firms from China, namely Lingyun Law Firm and JunZeJun Law Offices.

In the picture, ASNP was represented by Mr. Andreas Hartono, founder and senior partner of ASNP and Lingyun Law Firm was represented by Mr. Chen Shiyong, Partner of Lingyun Law Firm and JunZeJun Law Offices was represented by Ms. Wan Shaoying, Partner of Beijing JunZeJun Law Offices (Nanchang Office). Also present at our office are Mrs. Queenie Zou, legal counsel of Shanghai Handsel Law Firm, Mr. Luo Yiran, Lawyer of International Service Center of Lingyun Law Firm.

By this important collaboration, ASNP, Lingyun Law Firm and JunZeJun Law Offices shall jointly promote the cross border legal services and mutually develop collaborative legal market between Indonesia and People’s Republic of China. We sincerely believe this strategic alliance would also facilitate commercial business transactions between two nations since it will overcome language barriers and expand local regional networks. Moreover, our clients shall enjoy access to extensive and quality legal expertise in various legal fields of both nations.

We look forward to working closely together with Lingyun Law Fim and JunZeJun Law Offices years to come. For more information please visit our website or please contact