Sheila, S.H., M.Kn.

Sheila came with a pile of stands out experience in various procedural laws, including civil and commercial litigation, dispute resolution, arbitration as well as suspension of payment and bankruptcy. She has ran some of major litigation cases and involved in large-scale suspension of payment and bankruptcy cases in Indonesia. Her unique skill and knowledge combined with care and attention to every single client and case has brought her numerous client recognition.

Some of her experiences and expertise are highlighted below:


Sheila develops stellar litigation skills and experiences during her career by representing and assisting national and multinational corporate clients in major litigation cases.

Suspension of Payment and Bankruptcy

Sheila has extensive practices and skills focusing on suspension of payment and bankruptcy matters.

In her practice, she sets a bold distinction between attorneys who try cases and those who actually shape the law and make a difference.


Sheila has a wide range of experiences in handling various arbitration proceedings including enforcement of the arbitral award and annulment of the arbitral award.


Sheila is also experienced in handling various employment matters. Her approach is unique in a way that a peaceful resolution between companies and its employees are achieved without leaving a trail of future risks and liabilities.

She is able to mitigate and successfully have had a series of winning streaks on client’s employment dispute at the court.


Sheila has been assisting various banking and mining companies in various tax matters, such as tax amnesty, mitigation of tax obligation, appeal and civil review matters to the court.

Profesional Membership

  • Member of Indonesian Bar Association (PERADI)
  • Member of the Indonesian Receiver and Administrator Association (AKPI)



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