Our Services


  • Mergers & acquisitions;
  • consolidations and other corporate restructuring;
  • incorporation of companies (domestic or foreign capital investment);
  • establishment of branch and representative offices;
  • liquidation and bankruptcy; and
  • other general corporate matters.


  • Advice on foreign investment in Indonesia;
  • obtaining investment and other licenses and permits; and
  • preparation and negotiation of joint venture agreements.

Real Estate

  • Acquisition, lease and sale of land and buildings;
  • regulatory compliance; and
  • contracts for development, construction, and management.

Banking & Finance

  • Preparation and negotiation of loan agreements and security documents;
  • loan restructuring;
  • corporate and Project Finance, including equipment and working capital finance;
  • advice on enforcement of loan agreements and security documents; and
  • regulatory compliance.

Capital Markets

  • Advice on capital market laws and regulations and regulatory compliance;
  • debts and equity issuances;
  • preparation and negotiation of agreements for capital market transactions; and
  • legal due diligence and legal opinions related to capital market transactions.

Energy & Resources

  • Permits and licensing;
  • acquisition of mining and oil and gas companies;
  • joint operations and other arrangements; and
  • land clearing.


  • Establishment of and foreign investment in plantation companies;
  • permits and licensing; and
  • land clearing and acquisition of HGU title.


  • Permits and licensing;
  • acquisition, registration, and deregistration of vessels in Indonesia; and
  • bareboat lease and vessel charter.

Entertainment Industry

  • Preparation and negotiation of music option agreements, recording agreements, publishing agreements, artist management agreements, etc.;
  • advice on applicable laws and regulations, including copyright and other IP laws.


  • Advice on employment laws and regulations; and
  • preparation of employment agreements and collective labour agreements.

Dispute Resolution

  • Arbitration:
    1. Representation in arbitration proceedings;
    2. advice on arbitration laws and the enforcement of arbitral awards; and
    3. representation in enforcement of foreign arbitral awards as well the nullification of foreign and domestic arbitral awards.

Civil and Commercial Litigation

  • Representation in various civil and commercial litigations before Indonesian courts;
  • representation in enforcement of various court decisions including attachment of seizure and auction; and
  • representation in criminal proceedings at any stage (i.e. pre-investigation, investigation, and court hearing stage).


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